Truly Indian Family Foundation Fund (TIFF)

All children have the right to satisfy their hunger, to be children and grow into healthy and independent individuals with the opportunity to influence their own living conditions in a safe environment wherever they live. Children are also entitled to the confidence and ability to develop who they are and what they have to create a better life.

That is unfortunately not the reality for millions of children worldwide. Starvation and disease kills thousands every day, not only as a result of natural disasters or the fact that there isn’t enough food in world. These are children whose families do not have the stamina and energy to educate themselves and produce their own supplies. Furthermore these families are not always able to take advantage of the assistance provided by various charities.

All over the world, different organizations and associations are working with forming public opinion, influencing politicians, raising money and acquiring material resources to transform children's lives. Mostly this work aims to create opportunities for children and their families to improve their lives themselves, and also emergency relief in crisis situations. All this has been implemented with great results.

However, there are children who, despite these efforts, fall through the cracks. It is these children that Truly Indian Family Foundation founder Kamalpal Hunjan with family and friends want to support. It was during trips to poor countries around the world, mainly India, that the spirit of the organization was born. Many children have parents who work or receive support otherwise, but where income and support are still not enough to provide the children with adequate food, health care and education. These are children who, despite various relief efforts have to beg in the streets in order to survive.

Truly Indian Family Foundation endeavour to provide these vulnerable children with support and help from a local perspective. Instead of spending the collected money on gifts or emergency help, the goal is long-term and regular aid to give children a chance to get a healthy meal every day. The basic idea is long-term improvement of children's living conditions by – based upon Truly Indian Family Foundation’s resources – providing a daily meal, health care and in some cases even education.

The goal of Truly Indian Family Foundation is that this very basic support will give children a good start in life. Our hope is that they will get the strength to grow up to become strong individuals with the energy to make a change in their lives with a goal of being able to take advantage of the opportunities available. For these children, security means above all knowing that there is a place where they can have a healthy meal every day.

The vision of Truly Indian Family Foundation is that these children will manage their lives without any form of help and support in the future.

"Major changes can be made with limited means if enough people help”.

Kamalpal S Hunjan
Founder of Truly Indian Family Foundation (TIFF)